Prices MLE Retreat

Student / PhD Student 550 Euro*
Senior Investigator / Professionals 750 Euro*

* The prices for participation include access to all sessions and workshops as well catering (breakfast, light snacks, lunch, dinner and non-alcoholic beverages during the meals) and accommodation. They do NOT include the registration fee nor accommodation of the Contemplative Science Symposium which needs to be covered separately through the formal registration process.

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Financial Support
Participants of the MLE Retreat are expected to fund their own registration fee and travel to and from the retreat location. Financial support is available for selected (PhD) students and early career scholars, with a particular emphasis and welcome for scholars coming from eastern european, the Baltic countries and Russia.

If you would like to be considered for financial support, please submit a written request with details of your financial situation (max. 300 words) during the application process. Please note that the MLE Retreat operates on limited budget, and will only be able to provide grants to the selected recipients.