Agenda Overview

October 17th, 2019


Time Squish Basics Squish Best Practices
8:00 Registration
9:00 Squish Basics and Exercises Part 1 Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Test Scripting & Refactoring
  Lunch Break
  Squish Basics and Exercises Part 2 Object Identification Automation & Integration
16:30 Welcome
18:00 Social Event

October 18th, 2019


Time Track 1 Track 2
8:00 Registration
  • Screenshot Verifications and Visual Verification Points
  • When and How to Use Image Search and OCR
  • Getting Started on HMI Testing of Embedded Devices
  • Best Approaches to Qt Quick GUI Testing
  • Introduction to Test Coverage with Squish Coco
  • GUI Testing Field Reports by Customers and Partners
  Lunch Break
  Panel Discussion & Questions
  • Mobile Testing with Squish
  • Mobile and Web Testing: How to Abstract Scripts for Cross-Platform Testing
  • Steering Your GUI Testing Efforts via Code Coverage
  • GUI Testing in DevOps: Challenges and Solutions for Continuous Integration
  • Getting the Most Out of the Squish IDE
  • Product Roadmap
  • Test Results: Reporting & Analysis
  • Requirements and Test Management
  • Squish: Everything You Wanted to Know But Never Dared to Ask
  • Squish and Coco: Fit for Safety-Critical Applications?
16:00 End

The conference agenda is work in progress. Please stay tuned.