AGENDA - October 8, 2019


Admission and Registration

12:00 – 13:00h

Address of Welcome and Introduction
Room Atrium

The German perspective (G)

Michael Ewers

The Canadian perspective (E)

Cynthia R. Whitehead

Greetings from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy (E)
- video message - 

Elise Paradis

Greetings from the Robert Bosch Foundation (G)

Kerstin Schmenger

13:00 – 13:30h

Key presentation
Room Atrium

The Toronto Model -  Faculty Development for Interprofessional Education and Care: Establishing Foundations and Building Partnerships (E)

Sylvia Langlois

13:30 – 14:15h

Lunch break / Time for Networking


Parallel Sessions (G/E)

14:15 – 15:45h

Session 1: Perspectives (E)

The Mannheim approach to research on interprofessional education

Mira Mette et al. (Mannheim/Germany)

“We have a TIP for You” Interprofessional Team Consultations for Patients with Multimorbidity through Nurse Case Management and Telemedicine

Pauline Pariser et al. (Toronto/Canada)

Medphysio Project : Interprofessional Education for Students of Human Medicine and Physiotherapy

Danielle de Sousa Serio dos Santos et al. (Oldenburg/Germany)

STEREO-MED-1 Auto- and heterostereotypes of experienced health professionals in an interprofessional context

Juliane Kämmer (Berlin/Germany)




Sylvia Langlois,
Juliane Kämmer


Room 1.2

14:15 – 15:45h

Session 2:

Innovation (G)

“Workplace-based Teaching" - chances and risks of integrating the individual work context into interprofessional education

Tim Peters et al. (Bochum/Germany)

Development of an interprofessional educational module "complementary and integrative medicine"

Kristina Flägel et al. (Lübeck/Germany )

Normalization of multiprofessional teaching and learning? Barriers and conditional factors of shared learning

Daniela Schmitz (Witten/Germany)

Does it really always need an interprofessional training ward?

Beat Sottas (Bourguillon/Switzerland)




Beat Sottas,
Irina Cichon


Room 1.1


14:15 – 15:45h

Session 3: Dimensions (G)

Who am I in the collaboration with others? The influence of professional identity on interprofessional collaboration.

Monika Kraienhemke (Köln/ Germany)

Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice from the Perspective of the Church

Christiane Luckhardt et al. (Hofgeisman/ Germany)

Preparing students for interprofessional practice by sustainably implementing interprofessionally designed learning settings to foster interprofessional

Brigitta Spiegel-Steinmann et al. (Zürich/ Switzerland)



Sylvia Kaap-Fröhlich, 
Christian Schmollinger


Room 1.5

14:15 – 15:45h

Session 4: Evaluations (G)

The benefit of readbacks in simulated-based trainings for interprofessional teams in the emergency medicine

Christina Guedes (Bochum/ Germany)

Interprofessional education with the didactic method of reseach-based learning exemplified by a course of nutrition management for medical an nursing students

Bärbel Wesselborg (Düsseldorf/ Germany)

„Operation TEAM – Implementation of Joint Learning Seminars (SiHaKo) into Best Practice“

Heike Penner et al. (München/ Germany)

IPEER - an evaluation framework for interprofessional education and cooperation

Marion Huber et al. (Winterthur/ Switzerland)



Marion Huber,
Jana Rückmann


Room 2.5 B


15:45 – 16:30h

Coffee break / Time for Networking and visiting posters

16:30 – 18:30h

Workshops (G/E)


W1 – Interprofessional Peer Assisted Learning

Results day 1
Results day 2

Next Steps

Jayne Frisby & Doreen Herinek

Room 2.5 B


W2 – Management of Heterogeneity

Results and next steps

Maria A. Martimianakis & Stephan Kolb

Room 2.5 A


W3 – Research activities and strategies

Cynthia R. Whitehead & André Posenau


Room 2.5 C


W4 – Collaborative Primary Care

Loes van Bokhoven & Elisabeth Rappold

Results day 1
Results day 2

Room 1.5


W5 – Promotion of Patient Safety

Results day 1
Results day 2

Andreas Xyrichis & Michael Ewers

Room 1.2


W6 – Patient involvement

Elizabeth Anderson & Geraldine Niedersüß

Room 1.1


Get together and dinner (on self-pay basis and by registration)

Restaurant Refugium
Gendarmenmarkt 5
10117 Berlin


AGENDA - October 9, 2019

09:30 – 11:30h

Repeating the workshops from the day before

11:30 – 12:45h

Coffee break / Time for Networking

12:45 – 13:45h

Key presentation
Room Atrium

The next steps… (G)

Michael Ewers

Concluding round table (G/E)
Room Atrium

On stage:

Michael Ewers
Marion Huber
Elisabeth Rappold
Cynthia R. Whitehead
Andreas Xyrichis


Doreen Herinek


Closing words


End of the Symposium

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