Business Exhibition

As part of the PolyMerTec, a company exhibition will again take place in 2020, organized by the Polymer Service GmbH Merseburg. This continues the successful concept of the past years of combining research, device manufacturers and industry.


The conference participants will have the opportunity to get in contact with companies from the areas of analytics, mechanical and instrument engineering, measuring and testing technology as well as publishers and scientific institutions throughout the conference.
In addition, on Thursday, 18.06. the exhibitors can introduce their companies and the latest developments in a short presentation.

Also in 2020, colloquia are planned in the conference program. Here, companies can report on scientific or technical topics in lectures.

The exhibition has its place again in the foyer of the auditorium building (Hö, 130), which also houses the conference rooms, on the campus of Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. This ensures direct contact between exhibitors and conference participants.

In recent years, more than 20 companies have participated in the exhibition, which occupied all seats. You can get an impression of the exhibition through the picture galleries of the last events that you can here Rückblick on our site.

The following companies have already confirmed their participation in 2020:

If you as a company are also interested in participating, the Polymer Service GmbH Mersburg will provide further information and contact details on its website:
Link to the Homepage of the Polymer Service GmbH Merseburg