This is the conference website for the 19th Drive Train Technology Conference ATK 2021 and the 5th Conference for Wind Power Drives CWD 2021. Please click on Register as attendee to purchase your conference ticket.

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Come and join for all our live presentations and discussion. We look forward to meeting you at the virtual event.
In the following video our conference host Georg Jacobs explains what opportunities for discussion and networking are available and how the conference will work on the virtual platform.

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Weekly Videos:

We publish new videos on this year's sessions and presentations every week. In this video from Nadine Nagler (Bosch Rexroth) you will learn, why it is not sufficient to gather tribology knowledge from experiments in the lab or field feedback, and how simulations can predict and design tribological behavior and thus shorten time to market. All the previous videos can be found here.

We've also met with our colleagues Anica Frehn and Uwe Jassmann. In their research project CertBench, the two, together with their project team from CWD and partners from Enercon, UL DEWI, FGH and Fraunhofer IWES have for the first time achieved the certification of a wind turbine based solely on test bench results. Listen to their presentation and join the discussion in the session "Validation of Electrical and Mechanicla Systems", one of the many exciting sessions at our conference.

Virtual Backgrounds available

Have a look at the virtual backgrounds we have prepared for you to use during the conference:
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ATK & CWD 2021 will be held as a digital event

Dear Guests, Colleagues and Friends,

Despite the ongoing pandemic we would like to ensure a safe and successful conference for everyone. Hence, the program committees decided to let ATK & CWD 2021 take place solely as a digital live event from March 9th to 11th, 2021. We consider this to be the most responsible decision and invite you to have a look at our latest ATK & CWD 2021 News on this website.

We are looking forward to an exciting event with plenty of space for exchange and discussion of the latest developments and findings from industry and research.

The Conference Program is now online

The decision for a digital event gave us the opportunity to open an additional day of conference and include even more topics into our conference program. More than 100 lectures, divided into 29 expert sessions will be waiting for you. Have a look at the Conference Program.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to join ATK & CWD 2021 and benefit from the many upsides of our virtual live event such as:

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  • Conference-like feeling and networking thanks to virtual live meetings (1:1 or group).
  • Access to all ATK & CWD lectures at a reduced ticket price of €400,00 excl. VAT.

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We look forward to welcoming you at our virtual ATK & CWD 2021.

Stay healthy!

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