Welcoming Address
by the Conference Chairperson

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to ConRad 2021, the 24th Nuclear Medical Defense Conference, from May 10th to 12th 2021 in Munich. This unique conference is hosted by the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated to the University of Ulm in Munich.

ConRad 2021 will place special emhasis on three topics highlighted in separate key sessions next to in-depth views into several fields portrayed in key lectures. The first key session Gene expression for biodosimetry and effect prediction purposes: Promises, pitfalls and future directions” will discuss the opportunities of gene expression with regard to biodosimetry purposes as well as its potential for predicting radiation-induced health effects. The session will give an overview on the current developments in this fast-moving field of radiation research and hereby provides a direction where we want to go.

In the second key session “Reevaluation of radiological and nuclear events: Either paint or get off the ladder” we would like to provide a platform for mutual exchange on previous scenarios, discuss the decisive lessons learned and reevaluate acquired knowledge on the basis of new approaches and recent scientific findings.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised global challenges in numerous fields of our societies and turned the spotlight on handling and control of biological hazards. With our third and final key session “COVID-19 and radiation preparedness – impact on operational readiness / lessons learned / transferability” we would like to thematize COVID-19-associated sudden and unprecedented challenges which might relate to future radiological scenarios. We should ask ourselves: What can we transfer into our approach of radiological hazards?

In the proven concept of this conference, further subjects comprise the presentation of new insights in  radiation epidemiology, medicine, biology, physics and radiation protection. This event offers the particular opportunity to bring together a broad spectrum of German and international experts, civilian and military, as a forum for professional and multidisciplinary exchange of experience and expertise in this particular domain. Special attendance is attached to the fact that these aspects will be presented in a comprehensive form for a broader audience thus facilitating the idea of continuous education.

Additional information concerning virtual attendance will be provided in the further course on our conference website.

We invite you to attend this scientific, but also practice-oriented event, which offers plenty of opportunities for extensive discussions, to establish new contacts and to strengthen existing relationships after the oral presentations and during the poster sessions.

We look forward to welcome you as a participant to this further key event dealing with radiation topics affecting all of us.



Colonel Prof Dr. Matthias Port
Chair, ConRad 2021
Director Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology
affiliated to the University of Ulm