Welcome to #EUSEA2020!

The European Science Engagement Conference annually unites the international community of science communication and public engagement professionals. #EUSEA2020 offers all practitioners in the field of public engagement a pan-European platform to expand their networks and enhance their skills via inspiring keynotes, interactive sessions and co-creative workshops. The conference shares and discusses relevant topics, funding programs and formats mainly related to the areas of public engagement and science communication.

The #EUSEA2020 conference motto will be

Conducting Public Engagement in Times of Dissonances

These questions will guide our discussions:

  • How do we compose good science communication? And who are our listeners?
  • How can we make the “sounds of science” be heard in a cacophony of different noises?
  • What does it mean to be a good conductor working with an increasing variety of players?
  • Should we strive for harmony? Or seek and enjoy dissonances as those musical elements who make a piece interesting?


The program for the conference can be found here: https://eusea.info/eusea-annual-conference/programme/.

Payment Options

Please note that we only accept payment via bank transfer and PayPal. If you are facing problems regarding the payment of the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at eusea@con-gressa.de.