to the virtual VfS Annual Conference 2021: September 26 - 29

Core Conference topic: Climate Economics.
Open Meeting on all economic topics.

The registration opens June 3, 2021.

Due to the uncertainties regarding the Corona situation in September, we have decided to hold our annual conference again as a virtual conference.

We will livestream our keynotes and sessions that we anticipate having the most conversation around. All participants, speakers and attendees, must register for VfS Annual Conference to gain access to the virtual meeting rooms. Only those with confirmed registration will be able to view presentations. It is mandatory that every presenter has a VfS membership.

For registration please use your existing user account (e.g. you have submitted a paper already), otherwise create a new one. In your user account you can find your documents.

Register here for participation.

The registration for the conference is supported by Converia, a conference management application.

Paper submitters can upload a final version of the paper between August 1 and September 12, 2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

The Programme Committee