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The last weeks there were so many requests from young researchers for a free participation that we decided to make the virtual conference (February    7th  - 8th  2022) FREE for everybody.


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Recently, the Chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) model raised high attention in the field of tumor biology, imaging and cytotoxicity research as it provides an attractive alternative animal model with respect to the 3R guidelines. We would like to discuss interesting and novel applications, the pros and cons of the model as well as assay standardization and current rules and regulations. We expect an exciting virtual meeting encouraging all aspects of this model system.

The program committee members are:


Regine Schneider-Stock, Prof. of Experimental Tumorpathology, University Hospital Erlangen, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany

Domenico Ribatti, Prof. of Human Anatomy, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neourosciences and Sensory Organs, University of Bari Medical School, Bari, Italy

Nicole Dünker, Prof. of Neuroanatomy, Head of Department of Neuroanatomy, Institut for Anatomy II, University of Duisburg-Essen, Medical Faculty, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany

 Dagmar Fischer, Prof. of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Chair of Pharmaceutics, Department  Chemie und Pharmazie, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany

Volker Rasche, Prof. for Experimental Cardiovascular MRI, Department of Internal Medicine II, Ulm University Medical Center, Ulm, Germany


Plenary sessions and major topics will be:

-CAM model in cancer research (Schneider-Stock, Dünker)

-CAM model and angiogenesis (Ribatti)

-CAM model and imaging (Rasche)

-ex ovo CAM model (Fischer)

-CAM model and patient-derived xenografts (PDX) (Schneider-Stock)     

-CAM model and the 3R aspect (CAM versus mouse xenografts) (Schneider-Stock, Fischer)

-CAM model and rules and regulations (Schneider-Stock, Fischer, Dünker)

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Abstract deadline:

30th November – oral presentations and posters are welcome.


We are very happy to announce that the MDPI journal Cancers will set up a conference special issue. The program committee will select the best and most interesting submissions for possible publication in this issue. Please find the deatails here:

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Looking forward to your participation in this virtual conference.

On behalf of the committee

Regine Schneider-Stock