Following the successful Living Planet Symposium (LPS) 2019, which with more than 4000 participants proved to be the world’s largest Earth observation conference, we are pleased to open the opportunity to submit abstracts for ESA’s forthcoming LPS22. The event will bring the international Earth observation community together to focus on:


Please consult the scientific session descriptions available here in order to identify the session(s) of your interest.


In order to participate in the selection process, please submit your abstract within 10 December 2021. The following information is needed to submit an abstract:

  1. Selection of the session and type of presentation (oral or poster) proposed
  2. Abstract title and text. Note: Abstract length should be at least 300 words and maximum 1500 words (one A4 page, single space normally contains 400-500 words).
  3. Information about the co-authors (name, lastname, affiliation, contact Email)

Note: for each abstract there is a submission fee of 75 Euro (25 Euro in case the author is a student).

Note also: the abstract fee is an abstract processing fee which does not include your participation to the Symposium. Registration to the event is now open.

Submission rules

  1. Click on the button below to access the Abstract Submission Portal.
  2. Log-in to your LPS22 account (or create one in case you did not create it yet. Note: in case you are a student you should provide a copy of a student ID to prove it).
  3. Click on “Submit new abstract” button to start your submission. This will lead you to a series of forms to fill-in:
    1. Basic information page: with this form you must confirm if you are the main author (point of contact and presenter) for the abstract, you shall provide the Abstract title, select Presentation Type Preference (Oral/Poster) and accept the “terms and conditions” (for the abstract publication on the website). Click on the button “continue” to proceed to the next form.
    2. Content page: with this form you can write your abstract (to insert mathematical symbols, please copy paste them from a unicode table into the abstract content box). You can also upload to provide more information (maximum size 5 MB), but even if the abstract is accepted the file will not be available to complement the online abstract). Click on “save data and proceed” button to go to the next page.
    3. Overview Page: with this form you can preview your submission and add authors. Please note down the ID assigned to your abstract, as this information is needed when proceeding to the payment. Once done, click on the button “Complete and submit”.
    4. Authors Page: with this form you can add authors to your abstract (compulsory data: given name, family name, email address and affiliation of the co-author). Click on “Save author details” and complete the submission in the Overview Page.
    5. Confirmation page: this page contains the “Terms and conditions for abstract submission payment” and click on the button “proceed with the abstract submission page”. This will open the forms associated to your payment.
    6. Payment phase: on the next page choose the payment type and follow the indications for the payment (Select one payment type (standard or students); click on “start the abstract payment”; fill in the box with abstract title and ID (compulsory); click on “select”; click on “edit” to cancel it or click on “confirm your selection and continue” button. On the following page check all compulsory data or edit if necessary. Click on “use this address for billing” or use a different address for billing” and fill in all relevant information (Compulsory data: contact person, street address, postal code, City, Country). Read and accept the Privacy Policy. Click on “save details and continue”. In the Summary page confirm or edit your information. Click on “proceed to check out”. On the next page select the method of payment (Bank Transfer or Paypal). Click on “complete abstract payment” button. You will receive an email to confirm your submission. You can download your invoice there.

A submission fee of 75 euros (25 euros for students) will be applied for each abstract.

The final conference proceedings are not foreseen

Cancellation Policy:

  • Submission fees are not refundable in case of an abstract withdrawal, rejection, or double submission. These fees cover the abstract processing costs and are independent of meeting attendance.
  • As a special case, if the conference is cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic situation, abstract submission fees will be reimbursed.

Please note the following important dates:

Deadline for abstract submissions: 26 November 2021 10 December 2021
Notification of abstract acceptance: second half of February 2022
Deadline for registration: 9 May 2022