We are pleased to inform that LPS 2022 attendees can book their accommodation through the following link: Bonn und Region - ESA 2022 (

Each room offer has the choice to have or have not breakfast.

Please be informed, that every guest, who books a hotel room via this page, will automatically also receive a free ticket for local public transport.

This ticket is valid for the full duration of your stay (day of arrival up to and including day of departure) and is valid on the entire VRS network.


The LPS22 is organised as a sustainable event that aims to minimise its potentially negative impact on various fields. Here we enclose a few suggestions on how to reduce your emissions while traveling to Bonn:

Reduce emissions from attendees travelling to Bonn

  • Travel by train

Reaching Bonn by public transport is always preferable to the use of your own private car even if we know that in many cases the optimal choice depends on your residence. We suggest you to use this link to compare the impact of different travel choices:

  • Offset your carbon footprint

What if we told you that you can easily calculate your CO2 emissions? Take a sustainable action to offset your carbon footprint by donating. Click on this link

  • Sustainable Prize

The more sustainable actions you take, the more chances you have to win a prize!

ESA is glad to announce that a prize will be awarded to the participant that has proved to make the most sustainable choices possible. A survey will be sent before the event so keep your eyes on your inbox!

Reduce travel and accommodation related emissions

  • Public transportation

How can you reach the Bonn World Conference Center by local public transportation, so to reduce travel-related emissions? Find out by clicking on the following link:

Moreover, every participant who books a hotel room via the Bonn Region webpage (, will automatically receive a free ticket for local public transport. Take advantage of this opportunity!

If you own an electric vehicle, you can charge it by using the loading units present in the WCCB, inside the parking area.

  • Walking and cycling

Maybe you prefer to reach the venue by cycling? Click on this link to find a bike and start pedalling:

  • Sustainable accommodation

To make your search easier we encourage you to book your hotel through the Bonn Region webpage:

You can flag “Sustainable Bonn” to see all the hotels that are partners of the Sustainable Bonn initiative. You find the flag under the left side menu “Top classifications’’.