Presentation Upload

Living Planet Symposium 2022 offers a Cloud Repository to upload your presentations.
Before doing so, please check the online programme at lps22.esa.int for the following information:

  • Date of the presentation
  • Room in which the presentation shall be held
  • Title of the session
  • Order of the presentation (e.g. 1st, 2d, 3d….)

At the bottom of the page you may also find the current overview programme of the Scientific Sessions at LPS22.

File name convention and format

Please name your presentation according to the following:

  • Presentation Order in the session
  • Presenter Last name

e.g. 02_Lastname.ppt would be the second presentation in the session.

Presentations should be in MS PowerPoint or Acrobat pdf. The presentation (max 2Gb) must be uploaded to the LPS22 Cloud Repository at:

password: 2022-esa-2022

The Cloud Repository has the same structure as the online programme, so you can navigate it by Date -> Room -> Session title to upload the presentation.

VPN or Security settings of your organisation may prevent you to insert the password to upload the file. However, from the WiFi available at the Conference Center it is possible to upload the files. Please do not forget to disable your VPN option from your network settings. 

Following the successful upload you will see the following message:

Note: once the file has been uploaded you cannot see it anymore, but you can upload a new one at any time. To check the presentations, please refer to the next paragraph.
Presentations will have to be uploaded UP TO 60 minutes before the start of the session to ensure the presentation is available in the session room.

Presentation Check

A Speaker Ready Room, equipped with some computers with the same configuration of the session rooms, is available for the oral speakers to check their presentations. Presenters are advised to check prior to their session start, if formulas/animations/videos are shown correctly. The support of a technician is available in the room.

 Attending the Session

Presenters should be in their session room 20 minutes before the session begins to meet with the session chairs, who will be near the stage/lectern. Presentations which have been uploaded to the Cloud Repository at least 60 minutes before the start of the session, will appear on the room laptop in a folder with the session name.

NOTE: any presentation from personal laptops is not allowed to ensure a smooth programme running and minimise the transition time between presentations.

Depending on the number of presentations foreseen for the session, each presenter is allowed:

  • 20-minute presentation including questions in case of 5 presentations per session
  • 15-minute presentation, in case of 6 presentations per session and 10- minute questions for all the authors at the end of the session.

Chairs will give a warning to each speaker to wrap-up the presentation 2 minutes before the end.

Room set-up

Each session room is equipped with one computer/video projector 16:9, a microphone, a lectern, and a pointing device. The software installed on the computer includes:

  • Windows 10
  • MS Office 2019 Professional (Power Point, Word)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Windows Media Player

The media player is only available with standard codecs. Use of standard True Type fonts is suggested for PowerPoint presentations. In the case that a ppt contains a video or animation, please ensure that both files (Power Point and video - MPG AVI) are in the same folder.

Ppt template
Download here the ppt template (in 16:9) for your convenience.

Scientific Session Programme

Download here the Scientific Session Programme.