This is the online registration site for "Psychology and Brain Conference" 2024 in Hamburg.

For more information on the event, please visit the
conference website.

Payment options:

Please note payment is only possible by credit card and Paypal from 15th May on.


The conference is fully booked.
Please note that there will be no possibility to register for the conference or the social evening on site.

Social Evening:

Registration for the social evening was open until May 19th only for registered participants.

In case you need to change your booking for the social evening please contact events@uhhmg.de

Information on creating a personal user account:

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Creation of an account is optional.

Pre Conference Workshops DGP and DGPA:

Registration for the pre-conference workshops is provided via mail.

For details please check this website.


If you have any questions regarding your booking or payment, please contact the registration office:

If you have any questions regarding the event itself, please contact: