• Mei-Fong Chong
    Mei-Fong Chong Dia-Chemical Sdn Bhd - Selangor, Malaysia
    Mei-Fong Chong

    Mei-Fong Chong is currently Director of Dia-Chemical Sdn Bhd. She spent her past 15 years of research and development specialising in water and wastewater treatment technologies. Her research covers developing novel design for bioreactor treating palm oil mill effluent (POME), optimisation on the performance of wastewater treatment plants, develop new chemicals for water treatment and other specialty chemicals.

    She was presented with various local and international awards including the ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women (Highly Commended), Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Award, UK, and Biotechnology Award (Highly Commended), UK. Mei-Fong has published more than 40 international journals, 2 book chapters and a book. She has been awarded with research and commercialisation grants, and has commenced various projects in bioenergy and wastewater technologies across ASEAN countries.

    Mei-Fong was attached to The University of Nottingham and developed her research portfolio as her first career. As the Director of Dia-Chemical Sdn Bhd, her second career, she is now focusing at the commercial side. She would like to contribute and share the knowledge she gained from her research works with the industry and hope to close the missing gaps between research and commercialisation.