The Conference on Future Production of Hybrid Structures focuses on innovative production technologies for hybrid components and provides an international stage for scientific discours.


Innovative and Smart Production

FPHS Topic: Innovative and Smart Production

  • Manufacturing processes and tools
  • Machine learning in production
  • Digital innovations on machine level
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The session addresses approaches that apply methods in the fields of statistics and machine learning, e.g. data mining to manufacturing processes and tools. The focus of these approaches is the optimization of manufacturing processes with regards to quality and throughput or other key-factors of production systems. Digital technologies further enable the breakthrough of innovative manufacturing processes. Submissions to this topic should clearly focus on innovation on machine level.

Life-Cycle Engineering

FPHS Topic: Life-Cycle Engineering

  • Eco-efficient hybrid structures and production processes
  • Zero & Positive impact manufacturing
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Design of hybrid structures
  • End-of-Life: Extended lifetimes, reuse, remanufacturing & recycling
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The session Life- Cycle Engineering aims to guide the engineering of innovative hybrid structures and their manufacturing processes in line with overarching sustainability goals. Therefore, the entire life cycle (raw materials, manufacturing, use, end-of-life) needs to be analyzed regarding with regards to energy and material flows as well as associated environmental impacts. Technological approaches include the introduction of raw materials from renewable resources as well as innovations at the End-of-Life stage. Methodical innovations include the modeling of complex dynamic systems on different scales of abstraction as well as approaches effective methods and tools for life cycle assessment.

Design and Simulation

FPHS Topic: Design and Simulation

  • Innovative Engineering Design Approaches
  • Optimization of Light-Weight Structures
  • Produktion-Ready Design
  • Simulation
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The digitalization of designing processes shortens product development times. Thus, new approaches of engineering design arise, which enable faster and easier processes. The Programme Chairs welcome topicsSubmissions related to simulative driven design are welcome. Furthermore, methods to fasten and automate engineering processes are welcome, such as optimization procedures for light-weight structure. Approaches for production-ready engineering concepts are valued, such as the automated consideration of manufacturing constraints. As for the Simulation, the focus should be on Examples for the topic of simulation are simulations in production, of processes and of engineering structures.

Bio-based Material for Industrial Use

FPHS Topic: Bio-based Material for Industrial Use

  • Material substitution through sustainable materials
  • Production processes for biologically based materials
  • Design concepts for biological materials
  • Biodegradable and bio-based materials
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The session addresses in particular the idea of sustainability in the form of innovative methods for the production, use and recycling of bio-based and/or biodegradable materials. The presented materials or processes should find their application in industry.also be aimed at an industrial application or should already be in use. Contents of the session will deal with biological and bio-based materials as well as processes and equipment for processing them.

Reports from the Research Clusters

FPHS Topic: Reports from the Research Cluster

  • Projects of the first funding phase of the Open Hybrid LabFactory


    The Open Hybrid LabFactory enables research and development of new and innovative lightweight construction concepts for the coming vehicle generations in a novel cooperation model. Various research institutions and industrial partners are working together to find solutions to future mobility problems. The Open Hybrid LabFactory is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany as part of the Research Campus - Public-Private Partnership for Innovation funding initiative. In the session, the main results of the projects of the first funding phase will be presented.

Factories of the Future

FPHS Topic: Factories of the Future

  • Connected production systems
  • Digital technologies on process chain and factory level
  • Digital twins
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Factories of the Future incorporate digital methods and tools on a process chain and factory level. Key aspects are highly connected production systems, new paradigms in process chain configurations, full digitalization of production lines, digital twins or self-optimizing production systems. Visions of futuristic production do not see the factory or production system as a self-contained unit, but rather examines the synergies to its surroundings, e.g. related to urban production. Submissions to this topic should focus on a factory/process chain scale.

Generative Manufacturing

FPHS Topic: Generative Manufacturing

  • Use of additive manufacturing with potential for industrial use
  • Simulation of production processes and components
  • Generative production systems
  • Design of additively produced components
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Generative manufacturing can remove the restrictions on production imposed by the manufacturing processes used to date and thus enable completely new ways of designing components. The production processes are for the most part on the threshold to industrial maturity. In this context, the session deals with generatively manufactured components, their design and the plant technology required for generative manufacturing, as well as their implementation on an industrial scale. In addition, But also concepts and new generative manufacturing processes, which so far have not found any industrial application, are part included inof the session.

Functional Structures

FPHS Topic: Functional Structures

  • Functional Integration
  • Adaptronics and Sensor Integration      
  • Hybrid Component Design and Technology Demonstrators
  • Fabrication of Hybrid and Functional Integrated Components
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New materials and calculation methods enable a fully new structural as well as functional design. This topic focusses on concepts of functional integration, such as adaptronic approaches and sensor integration. Furthermore, the practical design and manufacturing of hybrid components should be addressed by technology demonstrators. In mixed constructions and hybrid design, fabrication concepts may be varifiedverified by technology demonstrators.

Selected Scientific Insights

FPHS Topic: Selected Scientific Insights

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Start-Up Session

FPHS Topic: Start-Up Session

  • Start-ups with innovative ideas for (hybrid) lightweight construction and future mobility

    Start-ups are increasingly becoming the engine for innovative ideas and their implementation on an industrial scale. To establish a successful start-up, however, it is not only necessary to have a business idea but also to develop a scalable business model. In this context, the session will focus on the presentation of innovative start-ups and above all the discussion of the business idea with regard to its industrial implementation and market attractiveness.