Start-Ups at FPHS2020

Innovation and creativity are key for developing new technologies. A prerequisite for economic success and social value of inventions is their transformation into innovative products and services as well as their establishment on the market. Start-ups play an increasingly significant role in this process. Due to their agile structures, novel technologies, and business models they enable disruptive innovations.
TU Braunschweig recognises the importance of start-ups and, together with its Entrepreneurship Hub, offers a variety of teaching, coaching, and other related programs to create an entrepreneurial mind-set among students and researchers. They learn to develop business models for their research projects or how to use theoretical knowledge in entrepreneurial applications.
At the FPHS2020 a selected group of start-ups share their ideas, products and experience in a dedicated session.  In our start-up session, you will learn about the importance of high-tech entrepreneurship and the interfaces between start-ups, universities, and corporations.

Join us on the 23rd of September and look forward to inspiring reports from successful founders about their start-ups, experiences, and lessons learned.