Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2021 digital
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Anto Michael
Modern cars drive around today with a multitude of sensors delivering information about the environment around. As the level of automation in the cars increases, the need arises to have more and more sensors to ensure maximum availability of the system. It is also necessary to ensure redundancy. Unlike a modern PC, that has most devices connected via standard USB, sensors used in the automotive field have a variety of communication mechanisms. Some of the widely used mechanisms are CAN, CAN FD, Automotive Ethernet etc. The devices also sometimes share the same physical network. The scope of the work here is to analyze the most commonly used methods of time synchronization. This ensures that the data from various sensors are in the same time base and can be fused together to give a better, cleaner representation of the environment around. The most used time synchronization protocol - Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is analyzed in detail. The practical limitations that arise in the implementation of PTP on various sensors are analyzed and effective solutions to overcome these issues are detailed.
Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH (BIE) Germany
  • Vortrag Analysis and Adaptation of Time Synchronization Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion Speaker How to choose a simple and efficient time synchronization mechanism
    Datum: 02.12.2021 , Zeit: 10:40 | Thema: Automotive