Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2021 digital
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Prof. Steffen Becker
Prof. Becker is the head of the Software Quality and Architecture group of the Institute for Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. His research interests cover model-driven development, software architectures, performance, elasticity, ressilience, safety, and maintainability. He is one of the authors of the Palladio Component Model for model-driven software architecture quality analyses and a contributor to MechatronicUML, a modeling language for safety critical, real time cyber-physical systems. He is head of the SIG Architekturen of the GI e.V. He is a member of the steering committees of the International Conference on Software Architecture and the International Conference on Software Performance. He is also the head of the Trustworthy Software Systems group the the technology transfer institute TTI GmbH of the University of Stuttgart. He regularly leads industry teaching programms in his field of expertise.
Universität Stuttgart Germany
  • Vortrag Model-Driven Safety für Echtzeit-Anwendungen Speaker Mit MechatronicUML sichere Rekonfigurationen gewährleisten
    Datum: 30.11.2021 , Zeit: 14:50 | Thema: Modellierung