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Testimonials - ESE Kongress

"ESE Kongress offers a coprehensive, unique abundance and exchange of application oriented technical topics related to innovative developments for embedded systems as well as new management approaches. This is the reason why I have participated since the launch of ESE and I always schedule the first week in December for this event."

Prof. Dr. Gert Bikker, Vice President Research, Development and Technology Transfer, Ostfalia Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

"ESE Kongress has established itself as the platform for knowhow transfer and discussion about software engineering of embedded systems. I'd say this event is a must for developers, project managers and decsion-makers in the industry."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Georg Hagel, Hochschule Kempten

"ESE Kongress is a top event for embedded software developers and managers in German-speaking countries."

Dr. Ralf Huuck, Logilicia

"ESE Kongress is one of my personal highlights every year. It is perfectly organized, offers an interesting conference agenda and promotes exchange and discussion."

Jan Altenberg, Project Manager, Linutronix

"Over the years, ESE in Sindelfingen has become the most significant congress for the embedded software industry. I always save the first week in December for this event."

Raphael Dunker, Division Manager Software Development, SEW-EURODRIVE

"Top-quality professional input, a wide range of relevant topics, numerous competent attendees and plenty of occasions for networking - in a pleasant location and excellently organized: ESE Kongress was a highlight in 2018.”

Peter Guse, CEO, grow platform

"ESE Kongress is a unique conference because it focuses more on technical learning than tradeshow marketing. The quality of the presentations as well as the technical experience of the attendees are above and beyond what I have witnessed at most other conferences."

Markus Levy, NXP Semiconductors

"ESE Kongress is a highly interesting format for everyone involved in the development of embedded systems. For a broad target group, it opens essential insights into the current status of systems development in practice and also highlights the latest trends."

Prof. Dr. Jens Liebehenschel, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

"ESE Kongress is the perfect platform for discussion about a topic that is of utmost significance especially for the German economy: embedded software."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Liggesmeyer, Software Engineering, University of Kaiserslautern

"ESE Kongress offers an extensive range of professional presentations on current topics in a short time."

Gudrun Neumann, Team Leader Functional Software, SGS-TÜV Saar

"ESE Kongress is the perfect networking platform. You get to talk to numerous exhibitors and companies about solutions that have proven successful in practice."

Johannes Nicolai, Principal Solutions Engineer, GitHub

"Its focus on software development is what makes ESE Kongress a special event."

Karl Nieratschker, Free-lance trainer, software consultant and coach

"With numerous relevant and highly interesting sessions, ESE gives an efficient overview of current developments across all sectors of software engineering for embedded systems."

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Pöppelmann , Engineer Security & Cryptography, Chip Card & Security Division, Infineon Technologies

"ESE Kongress should be a must-go event for everyone dealing with embedded engineering. The balanced mix of presentations makes the event very attractive."

Thomas Rogalski, Business Unit Manager Embedded Systems and Control Engineering, enders Ingenieure

"This conference is an excellent opportunity to see which technologies and solutions are really used in the field - not only researched - and to talk to the people involved."

Dr. Joachim Schlosser, Senior Manager Automotive Consulting, Elektrobit Automotive

 "ESE Kongress offers a variety of presentations and compact seminars. It is also a unique platform for the individual exchange with exhibitors and attendees."

Robert Schachner, CTO Embedded4You e.V., Managing Director RST Industrie Automation

"Software makes the difference - I can feel the spirit of this 'class reunion' for embedded software every time I go there. At ESE Kongress, I feel comfortable, can talk shop at a high professional level, have fun and go back to work with an abundance of useful ideas.

Top-level professional exchange, the latest trends, many useful ideas ... ESE is refreshingly different."

Marco Schmid, Managing Director, Schmid Elektronik AG

"ESE Kongress addresses fascinating topics related to the development of software for embedded systems, with both top-quality presentations and highly competent exhibitors."

Dr. Karsten Schmidt, Technical Specialist, Audi AG