37. Internationaler A+A Kongress für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin 2021
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Prof. Dr. Joachim Breuer
Professor Dr. Joachim Breuer studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Berlin, Germany. He obtained his degree in 1984 and became a doctor of law in 1985.After working for the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for five years, he joined the Federation of German Accident Insurance Institutions (HVBG) in St. Augustin, Germany.In 1995 he became Director General of the accident insurance and prevention institution for the German mining industry.In 2002, Professor Dr. Breuer returned to HVBG (now DGUV), this time as Director General and stepped back from this position at the end of June 2019. Since then he is working for DGUV as Ambassador for International Relations.Besides his occupation Professor Dr. Breuer holds a leading position in several other German institutions and organisations. Amongst others, he is chairman of the ZNS – Hannelore-Kohl-Foundation and Honourary President of the German Wheelchair Sports Association. In 2014, he was decorated with the Federal Cross of Merit for his honorary commitment.From 1995 – 2005 he was managing director of two renowned emergency hospitals in Bochum and Halle/Saale, Germany.From 2011 – 2019 Professor Dr. Breuer was CEO of the Rehabilitation International Ltd., Berlin. This organisation takes charge of the transnational medical care of accident patients.In 2014, he was appointed to the board of directors of the Medical Park plc. Since December 2017, Professor Dr. Breuer is member of the board of trustees of the APOLLON University of Applied Sciences in Bremen.On 1st October 2018, Professor Dr. Breuer was appointed to a professorship at the University of Lübeck and assumed the new established chair for insurance medicine.Professor Dr. Breuer is often consulted as an expert in social security by governments in Europe and abroad. He has published various articles on social law and accident insurance matters.He is a frequent speaker in international panels and conferences on matters of work safety, prevention rehabilitation and accident insurance issues.
Internationale Vereinigung für Soziale Sicherheit (IVSS) Germany
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