Living Planet Symposium 2022
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Dr. Christophe Sannier
IGN FI France
  • Presentation Demonstration of Sentinel EO information added-value to support the agricultural statistics - the ESA Sentinel for Agricultural Statistics (Sen4Stat) project Author
    Date: 24.05.2022 , Time: 13:30 | Topic: Understand Earth Systems
  • Presentation The ESA Ulysses project: innovative Soil Sealing products in the Mediterranean area Author
    Date: 25.05.2022 , Time: 14:30 | Topic: Nurture Public & Private Sector Partnerships
  • Presentation Copernicus4GEOGLAM service: first crop type mapping and area estimates results for strengthening national agricultural monitoring in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda Speaker
    Date: 25.05.2022 , Time: 15:55 | Topic: Empower the Green Transition
  • Presentation The ESA Ulysses project and the exploitation in the Mediterranean area of Soil Sealing products and indicators Author
    Date: 25.05.2022 , Time: 17:20 | Topic: Poster Session

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