Living Planet Symposium 2022
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Dr. Floriane Provost
EOST - Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Institut Terre et Environnement de Strasbourg / CNRS - Université de Strasbourg France
  • Presentation Monitoring the creeping and acceleration regimes at the Aiguilles landslide (Alps, France) from InSAR and Pixel Offset Tracking Speaker
    Date: 26.05.2022 , Time: 11:10 | Topic: Empower the Green Transition
  • Presentation On-demand services for Sentinel-2 and PlĂ©iades processing: application to ground motion analyses Author
    Date: 26.05.2022 , Time: 18:26 | Topic: Poster Session
  • Presentation Monitoring ice-calving at the Astrolabe glacier (Antarctica) with seismological and Sentinel-2 satellite data Speaker
    Date: 26.05.2022 , Time: 18:47 | Topic: Poster Session

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