Living Planet Symposium 2022
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Dr Agnes Begue
CIRAD, UMR TETIS, F-34398 Montpellier, France France
  • Presentation Fallow ID: Characterization and mapping of fallow fields in West-Africa study case using Sentinel-2 Author
    Date: 23.05.2022 , Time: 13:45 | Topic: Understand Earth Systems
  • Presentation Detection and mapping of agricultural large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) using MODIS Satellite Image Time Series Author
    Date: 23.05.2022 , Time: 17:33 | Topic: Poster Session
  • Presentation Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to support satellite data interpretation in Early Warning Systems in West Africa Author
    Date: 24.05.2022 , Time: 11:10 | Topic: Empower the Green Transition
  • Presentation Spatio-temporal comparison of the vegetation anomalies products used in the agricultural monitoring systems: West Africa case Speaker
    Date: 25.05.2022 , Time: 17:20 | Topic: Poster Session

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