Living Planet Symposium 2022
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Dr. Valentina R. Barletta
DTU Space - Technical University of Denmark Denmark
  • Presentation Effect of lateral and stress-dependent viscosity on GIA induced uplift rates in Greenland Author
    Date: 23.05.2022 , Time: 17:20 | Topic: Poster Session
  • Presentation Impact of the Icelandic hotspot on mantle viscosity in southeast Greenland Speaker
    Date: 23.05.2022 , Time: 17:23 | Topic: Poster Session
  • Presentation 4DAntarctica Author
    Date: 26.05.2022 , Time: 11:55 | Topic: Understand Earth Systems
  • Presentation Greenland ice sheet changes from space – two decades of rapid improvements by new satellite missions and processing methods Author
    Date: 26.05.2022 , Time: 18:46 | Topic: Poster Session

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