Papers in Social Media

Your possibilites:

True to the motto: "DIGITAL, RELIABLE, SUSTAINABLE" we are introducing a digital renewal for IFK2022. We are pleased to announce that we want to take advantage of the digital opportunities of an increasingly connected world. We therefore offer you the opportunity to promote your contributions by means of a short post on the official social media channels of IFK2022 and ifas (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

We see this as a great opportunity to promote the many interesting contributions of the IFK. If you would like use of this opportunity, all you have to do is to provide us with the necessary information and we will make a post according to the corporate design of IFK2022.

We need:

  • An descriptive image of the publication in 16:9 format (width:height), at least 1120x630 pixels. Please take into account that the post should follow the rules of got scientific practice and therefore should be free of advertising, therefore company logos should be handled with care.
  • The title of the paper/presentation, the company/institute name and the names of the authors
  • If you also would like to add a short discription of your research, you can also sent us a text to attach at the post. It needs to fullfil the following criteria:
    • The text has to include the main author and title of paper. It may include the company/institute name and has to include the hashtag “#IFK2022”.
    • The length of the text is restricted to 280 characters including spaces and possible Hashtags due to the twitter character limit.
    • The text should be objective and should refrain from judgmental statements.

Post submission:

If you want to make use of this opportunity, you can send the filled submission document to 

Further down on the homepage you will find a template for the text and an example of a post:


Furthermore, we need the publication rights for a social media post. Please confirm in your email that you have read and accept the consent for exisition copyright and consent to post on Social Media and accept the conditions of these consents. Therefore please also add the following sentences at the end of your mail:

”I have read and accept the consent for exisition copyright and consent to post on Social Media. I’m not aware of any copyright regarding the post’s content. If any exisiting copyright is not respected, all resulting obligations and responsibilities are certainly directed against the author and not against the conference organizer or the operator of the social media account. I also grant the operator of the social media account the rights to post my content.”


  • Template Social Media Text
  • Template Social Media Picture
  • Consent of Publication