18th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering
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Prof. Dr. Annemie Bogaerts
University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital Belgium
  • Presentation Gas conversion by cold and warm plasmas: A hot topic Speaker
    Date: 12.09.2022 , Time: 13:40 | Topic: 5.2. Plasma(-catalysis) in gas conversion processes
  • Presentation Improving the performances and the arc stability in a in a N₂-O₂ Gliding Arc Plasma: selecting the optimum resistance for the discharge Author
    Date: 13.09.2022 , Time: 20:08 | Topic: 1.1. Plasma and ion source technologies
  • Presentation Effusion nozzle for energy-efficient NOx production in a rotating gliding arc plasma reactor Author
    Date: 14.09.2022 , Time: 10:45 | Topic: 1.5. Plasmas in conversion technology