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Paper title The French Land Data and Services Center: Theia
  1. Nicolas Baghdadi INRAE Speaker
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  • Open Earth Forum
    • C5.03 Open Source, data science and toolboxes in EO: Current status & evolution
Abstract text The French Land Data and Services Center: Theia


INRAE, UMR TETIS, 500 rue François Breton, 34093 Montpellier cedex 5, France

The Theia Land Data and Services Center is a French national inter-agency organization designed to foster the use of Earth Observation images for documenting changes on land surfaces. It was created in 2012 with the objective of increasing the use of space data in complementarity with in situ and airborne data by the scientific community and public actors. The first few years have made it possible to structure the national scientific and user communities, pool resources, facilitate access to data and processing capacities, federate various previously independent initiatives, and disseminate French achievements on a national and international scale. Dissemination and training activities targeting users in other countries have since been developed. Theia is part of the "DataTerra" Research Infrastructure with ODATIS (Ocean Data and Services), ForM @ Ter (Solid Earth Data and Services) and AERIS (Atmospheric Data and Services).
Theia is structuring the French science community through 1) a mutualized Service and Data Infrastructure (SDI) distributed between several centers, allowing access to a variety of products; 2) the setup of Regional Animation Networks (RAN) to federate users (scientists and public / private actors) and 3) Scientific Expertise Centers (SEC) clustering virtual research groups on a thematic domain. A strong relationship between SECs and RANs is being developed to both disseminate the outputs to the user communities and aggregate user needs. The research works carried out in two SECs are presented, and they are organized around the design and development of value-added products and services.
The scientific community and public actors are the main target audience of the action, but the private sector can also benefit from the synergies created by the Theia cluster. Indeed, most of the data is distributed under an open license and the algorithms are open source. The training component, to be consolidated, will contribute to strengthening the capacity of all these users in the longer term.

Index Terms – Theia, France, Land, Spatial Data Infrastructure (DSI), Scientific Expertise Centers (SEC), Regional Animation Networks (RAN), satellite imagery, products, and services