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Paper title Minor ions in the high-latitude ionosphere and their impacts ion-neutral coupling
  1. Victoria Foss University of Calgary Speaker
  2. Andrew W. Yau University of Calgary
  3. Andrew Howarth University of Calgary
Form of presentation Poster
  • A6. Geospace (upper atmosphere, ionosphere, space weather)
    • A6.02 Upper/Lower Atmosphere Processes, Coupling and Ion-Neutral Interactions
Abstract text The Imaging and Rapid-scanning mass spectrometer (IRM) onboard Swarm-E frequently measures enhanced minor ionospheric species (N+, NO+, N2+, O2+) at auroral latitudes during both storm and quiet times. With their occurrence frequency peaking in the pre-midnight sector, these ions are thought to be the product of both auroral electron impact ionization and thermospheric expansion. These ions have been measured in ion upflows and downflows and could therefore impact the overall vertical transport and coupling processes in the auroral ionosphere. The dissociative recombination of the measured molecular ions likely constitutes a non-negligible source of hot oxygen atoms, affecting the thermospheric mass density and temperature. Furthermore, the different energy dependence of charge exchange with H between these species could impact the dynamics of storm and substorm recovery. We present new Swarm-E ionospheric composition and velocity measurements and discuss their possible implications in the context of upcoming missions.