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Paper title Monitoring changes in Earth's surface temperature from satellite data over the period 2003-2021
  1. José A. Sobrino University of Valencia Speaker
  2. Susana S. García-Monteiro University of Valencia
  3. Yves Julien University of Valencia
Form of presentation Poster
  • A5. Climate
    • A5.02 The role of Earth Observation in climate services
Abstract text The present work shows the potential of satellite thermal observations to estimate Earth’s global surface temperature trends and, therefore, its applicability to climate change studies. Present satellites allow estimation of surface temperature for a full coverage of our planet with a sub-daily revisit frequency and kilometric resolution. In this work, a simple methodology is presented that allows estimating the surface temperature of Planet Earth with MODIS Terra and Aqua land and sea surface temperature products, as if the whole planet was reduced to a single pixel. The results corroborate the temperature anomalies retrieved from climate models and show a rate of warming higher that 0.2 °C per decade. In addition Earth’s surface temperature are analysed in more detail over the period 2003-2021 by dividing the globe into the northern (HN) and southern (HS) hemispheres, and each hemisphere into three additional zones: the low latitudes from the Equator to the Tropic of Cancer in the HN and Tropic of Capricorn in the HS (0-23.5⁰), mid latitudes from the Tropics to the Arctic Circle in the HN and Antarctic Circle in the HS (23.5⁰-66.5⁰) and high latitudes from the Arctic and Antarctic Circles to the Poles (66.5⁰-90⁰).