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Paper title Wave modifications around ocean frontal currents: propagative vs dissipative effects
  1. Nicolas Gilles Rascle IFREMER Speaker
  2. Bertrand Chapron Ifremer - LOPS
  3. Francisco Javier Ocampo-Torres CEMIE-Oceano AC-CICESE
  4. Guillermo Díaz Méndez CIGoM - CICESE
Form of presentation Poster
  • A8. Ocean
    • A8.14 Remote-sensing of Ocean Waves and their Applications
Abstract text Ocean surface waves are modified by surface currents. This has strong implications for remote sensing of wind and currents by classical or Doppler scatterometry, especially at high horizontal resolution.
We discuss here different mechanisms of wave modification around a current front. In particular, we compute propagation and dissipation effects using a numerical wave model of wave action conservation. We show that short wind waves, long wind waves and long non-dissipative swell all respond differently to the different current gradient components. The horizontal scales and the degree at which those 3 responses can be coupled to each other is a key to understand this complex response of the wave field to currents.