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Paper title EarthDaily Constellation - Delivering Daily Global Enterprise Grade Change Detection
  1. Chris Rampersad Speaker
  2. Will Parkinson EarthDaily Analytics
  3. Paul Cottle
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  • B7. NewSpace missions
    • B7.03 New Space missions with small and nanosatellites
Abstract text Satellite-based Earth observation data is today the most available it has ever been and still struggles to meet the supply demands from its customers. Meeting end user demand is challenged by conflicting needs such as tasking priority, coverage, quality, spectral band selection, resolution, and product latency. Traditionally priority goes to the highest bidder, leaving emerging applications requiring scientific quality behind or limited to the high-quality government missions. The EarthDaily Satellite Constellation (EDSC) is a customer requirement driven operational enterprise solution for monitoring that works interoperably with government science missions, removes priority tasking by imaging the Earth’s landmass every day, and delivers a flexible scientific-grade product offering designed to seamlessly integrate with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms powering geoanalytics applications.

In 2023, EarthDaily Analytics will be launching the 9-satellite EDSC. It will be the world’s first Earth observation system planned, from the ground-up to power machine-learning and artificial intelligence-ready geoanalytics applications on a daily global scale. The processing, calibration and QA engine behind our constellation is the EarthPipelineTM which has been in development for more than eight years and is the world’s first ground segment pipeline as a service. The EarthPipelineTM is our cloud-native processing service that transforms raw downlinked satellite data into high-quality Analysis Ready Data and is designed and tested to handle quality, scale and automation for all sensor types and modalities. This service is based on rigorous satellite and physical modelling, combined with the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning to automatically produce the highest quality scientific-grade satellite imagery products on the market at scale.

With 20+ spectral bands well aligned with leading science missions, including Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8, and backed by the EarthPipelineTM’s continuous calibration engine, the EarthDaily Mission will be unprecedented monitoring and change detection solution for near real-time situational awareness of the natural environment at scale.

In addition to the global need for environmental stewardship, the market itself demands better monitoring of the environment across all industries due to investor demands and financial risks imposed by climate change and environmental degradation. While open data solutions are more widely available than ever, a persistent need for daily, global scientific quality spectral bands paired with analysis-ready data production remains. Daily scientific data means a chance of cloud-free observation every few days is almost guaranteed and can be used to feed better phenological modelling such as tree carbon accounting and agriculture yield. EDSC includes Short Wave Infrared Bands (SWIR) to dramatically improve landcover differentiation, fire delineation, and improved atmospheric correction and mask generation. Other specialized bands will provide global daily services for scouting the presence of methane anomalies, forest fire detection, impact and risk assessment, water quality evaluation, and carbon cycle monitoring which all serve as a vital input for large-scale climate modelling and mitigation. EDSC’s combination of spectral bands and interoperability with the gold standards of Earth observation (Landsat, Sentinel, and other government science missions) will offer end users an unprecedented combination of daily global coverage, quality and resolution that will deliver impactful solutions to many of the world’s most pressing challenges.