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Paper title CryoSat-2 significant wave height in the Arctic Ocean derived using a semi-analytical model of Synthetic Aperture Radar 2011-2021
  1. Harry Heorton UCL Speaker
  2. Michel Tsamados UCL
  3. Jack Landy UiT the Arctic University of Norway
Form of presentation Poster
  • A8. Ocean
    • A8.14 Remote-sensing of Ocean Waves and their Applications
Abstract text We retrieve significant ocean surface wave heights in the Arctic and Southern Oceans from CryoSat-2 data. We use a semi-analytical model for an idealised synthetic aperture satellite radar or pulse-limited radar altimeter echo power. We develop a processing methodology that specifically considers both the Synthetic Aperture and Pulse Limited modes of the radar that change close to the sea ice edge within the Arctic Ocean. All CryoSat-2 echoes to date were matched by our idealised echo revealing wave heights over the period 2011-2019 (Updated to 2021). Our retrieved data was contrasted to existing processing of CryoSat-2 data and wave model data, showing the improved fidelity and accuracy of the semi-analytical echo power model and the newly developed processing methods. We contrasted our data to in-situ wave buoy measurements, showing improved data retrievals in seasonal sea ice-covered seas. We have shown the importance of directly considering the correct satellite mode of operation in the Arctic Ocean where SAR is the dominant operating mode. Our new data is of specific use for wave model validation close to the sea ice edge and is available at