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Paper title AIX space-edge services and app store
  1. Cristoforo Abbattista Planetek Italia s.r.l. Speaker
  2. Leonardo Amoruso Planetek Italia Srl
  3. Stefano Antonetti D-Orbit spa
  4. Lorenzo Feruglio AiKO srl
  5. Vito Fortunato Planetek Italia s.r.l.
  6. Gianluca Furano ESA, ESTEC
Form of presentation Poster
  • B7. NewSpace missions
    • B7.02 European New Space and CCM Activity
Abstract text Current scenario is moving towards the implementation of tools able to comply with application needs, on-board: to have the information required by end-users at the right time and in the right place. And the place is more and more often becoming the space segment, where the availability of actionable information can be a game-changer.
In this approach part of the EO value chain is transforming. Value is shifting from the sensed data (that nowadays are becoming a commodity) to “insights” and actionable information. So, components of the chain are being moved from user’s desktop to the cloud and from ground to space. Actually, as a final result, user will no longer need to be aware of what data are providing the information he looks for, or where these are stored and processed. The application will be the core and the details related to its workflow (data acquisition, processing, selection, information extraction…) can even be completely transparent to users. Or practically user may only define what he really cares of, everything else
This is the scenario the AI-eXpress services (AIX in short) are enabling. AIX makes available satellite resources and on-board applications as-a-service. Customers can pick-up the application they need from the AIX app store, configure and run it on the satellite already in orbit. The system will take care of scheduling the data acquisition, transforming data into actionable information and also raising near real-time alarms when services require. It is based on the SpaceedgeTM on-board artificial intelligence-based application framework, on distributed ledger technologies (blokchain) machine-to-machine interfaces, on the high-performance computing cluster and finally on the ION cargo spacecraft vehicle.
AIX is a gamechanger. It processes data where it’s more convenient, starting on-board at the “space edge”; it turns EO product generation into services, making the satellite transparent; it makes on-board resources flexible enough to fit to different applications and address different needs, thanks to AI and DLT technologies advances.
AIX fosters the transition from a traditional space model to a really commercial one, reducing bottlenecks and barriers, enabling new market opportunities to flourish and enhancing the effectiveness of the services delivered to the ground.
Emerging NewSpace companies may now test their innovative AI algorithms and their proof-of-concept directly in space and prove their value to the market. Traditional space institutions and research entities may test a new approach changing from “makers” to “enablers”.
AIX builds an infrastructure open to integrate third-party resources and services and aims at building a full eco-system. Thanks to the quick service deployment test and operational capabilities, it candidates to be a strategic assets for commercial applications ranging from oil and gas asset monitoring and management to energy networks (market estimated in 1.3 B€ in 2029 by NSR).
It also enables a large variety of government services supporting both the ESA “accelerators” strategy and the main pillars of the EU Green Deal and the Digital Strategy and fits, as well, as a Copernicus contributing asset in line with the last Request for Ideas for new Copernicus Contributing Missions.