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Paper title Growing toolset for the forestry domain on the Forestry TEP
  1. Renne Tergujeff VTT Speaker
  2. Tuomas Häme VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  3. Jukka Miettinen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  4. Lauri Seitsonen VTT
  5. Frank Martin Seifert ESA - ESRIN
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  • Open Earth Forum
    • C5.03 Open Source, data science and toolboxes in EO: Current status & evolution
Abstract text The Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) has been developed and made available as an online service to enable researchers, businesses and public entities to efficiently apply satellite data for various forest analysis and monitoring purposes. A key aspect of Forestry TEP is the capability it offers for users to develop and onboard new services and tools on the platform and to share them.

We are on the way to build an ecosystem for Earth observation services on Forestry TEP. The core team operating the platform is continuously growing the pool of tools, but ever more importantly we want to gather service providers and academia to install their own tools on the platform.

The current offering on the Forestry TEP ( includes several open-source processing services created in the original F-TEP development project funded by ESA. These core services enable, e.g., vegetation index calculations, basic forest change monitoring and land cover mapping. The open-source offering also includes the Sen2Cor algorithm (versions 2.8.0 and 2.5.5) for atmospheric corrections, Fmask 4.0 for cloud and cloud shadow detection, pre-processing tools for Sentinel-1 stacking and mosaicking as well as for Sentinel-2 tile combination, and image manipulation and arithmetic services based on GDAL. Additionally, applications with their own graphical user interfaces are available to use via the browser; this offering includes the SNAP Toolbox, QGIS as well as Monteverdi, an interface to the Orfeo ToolBox. A highly specialized new offering is ALSMetrics, which allows to derive metrics from airborne laser scanning data into a format that facilitates joint use with Sentinel-2 data.

Several parties have introduced sophisticated tools and services on the platform as proprietary offering that can currently be accessed via separate licensing agreement. These include the VTT services AutoChange and Probability. AutoChange is a tool for change detection and identification based on hierarchical clustering, while Probability enables estimation of forest characteristics based on local reference data. Some of the proprietary services may later be made more directly available as part of a packaged platform offering.

Forestry TEP is currently being exploited in many significant projects, each of which is producing novel services and tools to be made available on the platform. Services that were largely developed in the EU Horizon 2020 Innovation Action project Forest Flux ( comprise a seamless processing chain from the estimation of forest structural variables to computing carbon assimilation maps. Key ESA initiatives on the platform include the Forest Digital Twin Earth Precursor ( and the recently launched Forest Carbon Monitoring project (

The Developer interface on the platform provides flexible options for creation of new services. Any new service can be utilized by the developer privately or shared to a select group of colleagues or customers. For the widest applicability and benefit, the new services can be made publicly available to all, with a case-by-case agreement concerning licensing. All services on Forestry TEP can be accessed also from outside the platform via the offered REST and Python APIs.

We invite all developers in the forestry domain to participate in the building of a strong ecosystem of services on the Forestry TEP.