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Paper title FDR4ALT Inland Water Thematic Data Record for water level monitoring
  1. Angelica Tarpanelli CNR-IRPI Speaker
  2. Stefania Camici National Research Council (CNR)- Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection
  3. Beatriz Calmettes CLS
Form of presentation Poster
  • A7. Hydrology and Water Cycle
    • A7.01 Inland Water Storage and Runoff: Modeling, In Situ Data and Remote Sensing
Abstract text The inland water monitoring is crucial to estimate the volume of flow into the channel and quantify the available water resource to supply the human needs. This has an essential role for both society and environment and due to the numerous issues related to the ground hydro-monitoring networks it represents a political and economic challenge. A valuable alternative to derive the surface water information on a global scale involves satellite earth observations and over the last decades, the satellite altimetry has proven to be a well-established method for providing water level measurements.
In the context of the ESA-funded FDR4ALT (Fundamental Data Records for Altimetry) project, innovative Earth system data records called Fundamental Data Records are used to produce the Inland water Thematic Data Record based on the exploitation of measurements acquired by the altimeter onboard ERS-1, ERS-2 and ENVISAT.
In this work, we present the first results of the project, showing the analysis of the different retrackers (Ice1, Ice3, MLE4, TFMRA, Adaptive) on different water bodies, such as rivers and lakes of different sizes and environments during different periods of the year. A Round Robin analysis is carried out to evaluate the performances of each retracker with the final goal to detect the best retracker able to describe the inland water flow to be implemented at global level. The performances are calculated against external measurements from reliable ground-based measurements and using datasets from other altimetry sources freely available on the web (Theia Hydroweb, Dahiti, HydroSat).