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Paper title Integration of Sentinel-6 wave measurements in WAVE-TAC Copernicus Marine Service
  1. Elodie Charles CLS Speaker
  2. Cécile Kocha CLS
  3. Alexandre Philip CLS
  4. Gérald Dibarboure CNES - Centre national d'études spatiales, France
Form of presentation Poster
  • A8. Ocean
    • A8.14 Remote-sensing of Ocean Waves and their Applications
Abstract text In the frame of the second phase of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS), starting in 2022, the WAVE Thematic Assembly Centre (TAC), a partnership between CLS and CNES, is responsible for the provision of a near-real-time wave service that started in July 2017. Near-real-time wave products derived from altimetry and SAR measurements are processed and distributed onto the CMEMS catalogue.

This presentation will describe the existing products – along-track Level 3 and gridded Level 4 – and their applications such as near-real-time assimilation in wave forecasting systems, validation of wave hindcasts, etc.

Early 2022, Sentinel-6 will integrate the existing altimetry constellation measuring significant wave heights (SWH) and collocated wind speed. Sentinel-6 will become the reference mission of the CMEMS L3 SWH product, succeeding Jason-3 once it changes orbit. The Sentinel-6 Level-2P and Level-3 processing is under EUMETSAT and CNES responsibility and is operated by CLS. We will describe the processing steps from Level-2 to Level-3 product carried out to produce a homogeneous dataset with regard to other WAVE-TAC altimetry datasets.

The daily gridded Level-4 SWH product will also benefit from the integration of Sentinel-6. The increased spatial and temporal density of measurements will allow a better mapping of the wave heights.

In the frame of this presentation, we will produce a thorough comparison of CMEMS Level-3 & Level-4 SWH products versus in-situ measurements provided by the In-Situ TAC. In particular, we will highlight the changes induced by the integration of the new Sentinel-6 mission in the WAVE-TAC product.