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Paper title Paradigm shift of the CCM activity in the new space era: The EO operational challenges of moving from data provider towards downstream service and value-added data provider
  1. Marco Mazzolena Serco Italia SpA, Frascati, Italy
  2. Enrico Giuseppe Cadau Serco Italia SpA Speaker
  3. Richard Campbell Serco Italia S.p.A., Frascati, Italy
  4. Filippo Girard SERCO
Form of presentation Poster
  • B7. NewSpace missions
    • B7.02 European New Space and CCM Activity
Abstract text As the advent of New Space becomes reality – new satellite tasking strategies, increased acquisition capacities, EO data distribution channels and user expectations are all changing out of recognition.

New Space affects the traditional EO operational scenario, which relies currently on strict boundaries between data and value added or data stream service providers, however it brings to the CCM activity many disruptive innovation approaches and the promise of new solutions to complex existing challenges, as e.g. fast response times combined with smooth data delivery. Cloudification of workflow processes improves greatly the product availability for users in terms of usability; the data is immediately accessible and exploitation can happen directly on cloud platforms, minimizing product dissemination flows and as well the time-to-exploitation costs. Data as a Service (DaaS) is a consolidated approach, and evolving EO data marketplaces are offering domain specific tool support and downstream applications to maximise the take up and utility of the data by the Copernicus user community. Collaboration and chaining of products to tailor specific user requirements will be a challenge to maximize the exploitation and re-use of EO data.

At the same time, we have new questions that directly impact service sustainability. Among these is how to collaboratively build and promote best operational practices among the growing number and diversity of emerging, new, established actors. The flexible management of demand-oriented data offer and the improvement of operational processes in terms of standardization and simplification are big new challenges for connecting the Copernicus user community quickly to the necessary source data. New Space is changing the landscape of CCM providers, and requires managing operational scenarios in which scalability and diversity are the main drivers, and an Ecosystem of related services concentrating on streamlining and simplification is paramount. Within such an Ecosystem clear roles and responsibilities need to be guaranteed as the reliance on independence and brokerage becomes a key component. In this new paradigm new actors can enter the scenery as the discovery/gatekeeper role, aiming to understand trends in new space technologies, liaising with the Service users to foresee and anticipate coming needs and implement these within the service.