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Paper title Cryo-TEMPO: Improving Ice Sheet Elevation Measurements for Mass Balance Studies
  1. Alan Muir University College London Speaker
  2. Malcolm McMillan Lancaster University
  3. David Brockley UCL
  4. Qi Huang Lancaster University
  5. Maya Suryawanshi
  6. Jérôme Bouffard ESA - European Space Agency
  7. Alessandro Di Bella SERCO c/o ESA-ESRIN
  8. Steven Baker UCL-MSSL
Form of presentation Poster
  • A9. Polar Science and Cryosphere
    • A9.04 Mass Balance of the Cryosphere
Abstract text Surface elevation measurements of the ice sheets are the primary component of mass balance studies, and ESA’s CryoSat-2 mission provides the most complete record and coverage of ice sheet change since its launch in 2010. For mass balance studies it is essential that this 12 year+ record of elevation measurements is made available to users from a consistent, state of the art, and validated radar altimetry processing baseline, otherwise there is a high likelihood of introducing steps in the measurement timeseries leading to incorrect mass balance results. Due to the complexity and restrictions on the complete ESA mission ground segment, standard operational CryoSat-2 L2 products have a completed full mission reprocessing to incorporate new evolutions approximately every 2.5 years, and during the intervening period a mix of two baselines are often present, resulting in a potentially inconsistent measurement time series. This is a serious issue for scientists interested in mass balance research, and significantly restricts usage to radar altimetry experts with an in-depth technical knowledge of the product differences.

The ESA Cryo-TEMPO project aims to solve this problem by developing a new agile full mission data set of thematic CryoSat products (for land ice, sea ice, polar oceans, coastal oceans and inland waters), released on an annual basis. The thematic products are developed using dedicated state-of-the-art processing algorithms for each thematic domain, driven by and aligned with both expert and non-expert users needs, and for the first time include traceable and transparent measurement uncertainties. The products are validated by a group of thematic users, thus ensuring optimal relevance and impact for the intended target communities.

Here, we present validation results from the first full mission release of Cryo-TEMPO land ice products, providing details of the new products, and the processing evolutions, which will benefit all users requiring land ice elevation and associated essential measurements for mass balance studies. We also show details of the new Cryo-TEMPO portal allowing users to explore the Cryo-TEMPO land ice product maps, measurement statistics, and monthly reports over Greenland, Antarctica and sub-regions of interest for the full mission period.