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Paper title Innovative system for a hydrological large-scale database
  1. Jean-Christophe Poisson Speaker
  2. Guillaume Valladeau
Form of presentation Poster
  • A7. Hydrology and Water Cycle
    • A7.01 Inland Water Storage and Runoff: Modeling, In Situ Data and Remote Sensing
Abstract text In a global warming and climate change context, populations all over the world are impacted by an increasing number of hydrological crisis (flood events, droughts, ...), mainly related to the lack of knowledge and monitoring of the surrounding water bodies. In Europe, flood risk accounts for 46% of the extreme hazards recorded over the last 5 years and current events confirm these figures for France and Europe. Although the main rivers are properly monitored, a wide set of small rivers contributing to flood events are not monitored at all. There is a clear lack of river basins monitoring with regard to the rapid increase of extreme events. In France, 20000 km of regulatory rivers are monitored in real time while 120000 km are required. Moreover, hydrological surveys are currently insured by heterogeneous means from a country to another and even inside a country, from a region to another. It results in a high cost level to deploy a robust, relevant and efficient monitoring of all watercourses at risks. Therefore there is a real need for affordable, flexible and innovative solutions for measuring and monitoring hydrological areas in order to address climate change and flood risk within the water big cycle. offers an innovative and intelligent service for monitoring hydrological surfaces, using easy-to-install and fixed remote sensing in-situ instruments, based on compact light-weight altimeter inspired from satellite technology: the micro-stations. It provides in real time, with a high accuracy, hydro-meteorological parameters (water surface height, water surface velocity, images & videos) of the observed watercourses. The combination of these in-situ data with satellite measurements is thus optimal for downstream services related to water resources management and assessment of flood/drought risks. Thanks to the development of the innovative micro-station and the onboard processing using artificial intelligence algorithms, the solution will provide an anytime/anywhere real time hydro-meteorological database to prevent communities from flood risks and secure goods anywhere at any time. The solution thus aims to cover the whole Europe through a non-binding turnkey service to ensure the resilience of territories to climate change and guarantee the safety of people and goods.

It worth to mention that the solution can also address the needs of in-situ measurements (Fiducial Reference Measurements) for Cal/Val activities on inland water bodies. Indeed, the micro-station is able to automatically wake up and perform measurements at the exact moment of the satellite overflight thanks to satellite ephemerides. With this feature, there is no time delay between in-situ measurements and the satellite overflight. Water heights are provided with respect to the ellipsoid or local geoid. All geophysical corrections required can be applied on the fly. Different hydrological variables are measured (water surface height, the associated uncertainty, water surface speed) and new others are planned to be added in the next future (water surface temperature, turbidity, …). The solution has already been used in various CNES and ESA projects and will be implemented in the ESA St3TART project and will be used for Cal/Val activities of the future SWOT mission on the Garonne river.