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Paper title Advancing EO adoption through partnerships and differentiated pricing
  1. Eldrige Melo Satellogic Speaker
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  • E1. New actors, stakeholders and Commercial EO
    • E1.04 Space Capacity Building in the XXI Century
Abstract text There is a lot of talk about making EO data more accessible, but not much is said about the real obstacle here: cost. By driving down the cost of the data, it becomes more affordable to more entities, be it channel partners and resellers, small governments, humanitarian aid and disaster relief organizations, commercial tech start-ups, research and academic institutions. And this is one of the many factors Satellogic has changed to drive industry and end-user adoption of EO data.
Our aim is to empower innovation across the public and private sectors, enabling more end-users to access and leverage the power of EO data, and thus, developing new solutions for improved outcomes like food security, sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation and restoration, public safety, and other Earth Observation missions.
With unrivaled unit economics, we manufacture and operate our satellites at a much lower rate than competitors; each built with three core capabilities including high-resolution multispectral imagery, hyperspectral imagery, and full-motion video. It also uniquely positions us to rapidly generate more satellites for increased capacity and frequency—we project to have 300+ in orbit by 2025 for daily remaps of the entire planet. This unique capability will empower greater, more timely decisions as well as consistency for collaborative projects.
Our Aleph platform will increase access via web application or API integration and features differentiated pricing to help organizations get the data they need within budget. In alignment with our mission to democratize access to Earth Observation data, pricing is dynamically determined by end-use and capability constraints
We believe collaboration is key, which is why we are working with companies like ConnectEO and EUROGI to increase access across borders, markets, and industries. By making our Earth Observation data more affordable and accessible, we enable more organizations to leverage geospatial intelligence to develop innovative new solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.