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Paper title How Sentinel-2 acquisitions help in the fight of illegal gold mining
  1. Béatrice Berthelot Magellium, Toulouse (France) Speaker
  2. Jean-Yves Garinet Magellium, Toulouse (France)
  3. Sébastien Linares Préfecture de Guyane
  4. Mathilde André Office National des Forets
  5. Hugo Fournier Magellium, Toulouse (France)
Form of presentation Poster
  • C1. AI and Data Analytics
    • C1.04 AI4EO applications for Land and Water
Abstract text For almost 5.5 years now, Sentinel-2 provides systematic global acquisitions of high-resolution optical. Its fantastic capacity to observe the earth with a spatial resolution of 10/20/60 m combined to the spectral richness of the observations by means of 13 channels from 0.4 µm to 2.1 µm is the key success for many land and ocean applications such as vegetation monitoring, land use/land cover, water quality for instance. Used as a constellation, Sentinel 2 A and B could be used to monitor rapid evolution of the surface and allows detection of changes as fast as the data are acquired and processed in Level 2A.
Illegal gold mining occurs in the French Guyana forest for more than a century. First legal then becoming illegal, the French authorities put efforts to track Garimpeiros and make the mining activity stop. The use of Sentinel 2 data is part of the system and accelerates the detection processes used to detect illegal mines in remote forested regions.
French Guyana territory is covered by forest at 98 %, a large part of which is primeval rainforest, which is near-inaccessible. The Amazonian forest is protected and its destruction related to illegal gold mining has irreversible consequences on the environment. It causes deforestation and but also it pollutes the local water sources by toxic runoff from the mercury used to separate out the gold.
Using freely available S2A and S2B time series, and incorporating machine-learning techniques, a software tool that show suspected areas of illegal mining has been developed. In this presentation we will give an insight of the implemented methodology and show how sentinel 2 acquisitions are used in an operational context to feed the information system linked to the fight against illegal gold mining.