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Paper title Earthimages for Enterprises: a procurement and operations platform for multi-source imagery
  1. Kim Partington Geocento Limited Speaker
Form of presentation Poster
  • B7. NewSpace missions
    • B7.02 European New Space and CCM Activity
Abstract text As the global constellation of satellites and missions grows, so access to this constellation becomes more complex and challenging for large organisations and institutions. Many such organisations have perennial needs for imagery but require the variety of image sources available to cover their wide variety of use cases. While some satellites provided the best possible spatial resolution, others provide very high temporal resolution, while others providing key imaging bands. These image sources are complementary and all part of a necessary solution for large organisations that wish to have robust and flexible access to the constellation as a whole. The challenge with this is that simply procuring imagery from these various sources through independent and separately negotiated contracts does not provide a convenient solution for these organisations. It is cumbersome, inefficient and inflexible. As well as dealing with multiple operational, ordering and delivery interfaces, there are commercial challenges around pricing, licensing terms and supplier service level performance. Consolidation is required in order to present the customer with a workable and efficient multi-supplier solution to their imaging needs. Consolidation takes makes many forms, but the following aspects are key: a single enterprise platform that specifies the terms for supplier on-boarding and compliance and acts as a vehicle for supplier lifecycle management and user accounts and budgets on a project-by-project basis; an operational dashboard for requesting and delivering imagery from on-boarded suppliers as well as hosting and archive management; various technical support tools (image alerts from aggregated catalogues, multi-mission planning for assisted tasking), and standardisation as far as possible (mandatory licensing terms, pricing for particular image configurations, etc). The enterprise platform can be evolved over time. New suppliers can be onboarded over time and terms and standards can be upgraded as appropriate. In terms of the operational dashboard, this can include access to aggregated catalogues from the on-boarded suppliers (i.e. our EarthImages platform) and standardised tasking requests which are carried out either in a managed or competitive manner by the suppliers, depending on their ability to meet the specification of the request (i.e. Earthimages-on-Demand, developed under funding from ESA). We will describe this new platform and show how it could play a role in the Copernicus CCM programme.