Registration Information

The 25th ConRad Nuclear Medical Defense Conference will be hosted from May 08th to 11th 2023 in Munich.

Registration will be closed: 30th April 2023.

Conference Fee for on-site attendance

The mandatory conference fee of 100,00 € is an overhead fee including complimentary lunch snack, beverages served during coffee breaks, converia software utilisation fee, abstract book, etc.

If you register before 10th April 2023, you will receive a discount. For regular participation we charge a fee of 75,00 €, students and pensioners pay 30,00 € instead of 45,00 €.

An online attendance option is currently being planned. The mandatory conference fee for online attendance is an overhead fee including Converia utilisation fee and infrastructural requirements for live streaming sessions.

Cancellations & Changes

Cancellations can be made in written form only and will only be accepted if received by 30th April 2023. A cancellation fee of 30,00€ will apply. Any cancellation after this date or no-shows at the event are not eligible for a refund and the fee in accordance to the registration invoice or confirmation will be due. Any changes in booking, after booking confirmation has been issued, will result in a handling fee of 25,00€. Any requested additions to existing reservations or reservations made during the event on-site will be processed according to availability.