Contact and Legal Information

Event Organizer

Universität Hamburg
Mittelweg 177
20148 Hamburg


Legal form and representation

The University is a public corporation represented by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hauke Heekeren, president of Universität Hamburg, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg.

Supervisory authority

Ministry of Science, Research, Equalities and Districts of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Hamburger Straße 37, 22083 Hamburg

Value added tax (VAT) identification number

DE 245 584 140

Registration Office

Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH
Kongress- und Tagungsmanagement

Feldbrunnenstraße 9
20148 Hamburg

Conference Management Software

Converia is a registered trademark of Converia GmbH.

Converia GmbH
Kaufstraße 2-4
99423 Weimar