Military Accommodation

A limited number of rooms are available in close neighborhood to the lecture hall on the premises of the Bundeswehr Medical Academy. The rooms are military basic standard. Not all of them are equipped with an own bathroom.

IMPORTANT: From 2016 the military accommodation is no longer free-of-charge.

It is charged with about 9,20 Euro per night.

Military and governmental participants will be given priority. If you are interested in one of these accomodations please contact the conference secretariat. A confirmation will be found on the registration board. If the number of requests exceeds the number of available rooms, you may receive a negative reply. In this case we kindly recommend referring to the hotel list for booking your accommodation.

If you do not longer need your assigned military accommodation, we kindly ask you to inform the organizers as early as possible.

Breakfast is available in the barracks canteen. Military participants: Payments are made by charging a personal prepaid electronic value card; for non-German military participants special coins will be deposited in the conference office.


The following hotels have been selected that offer a limited number of rooms at special conference rates. Only these recommended hotels are connected to the complimentary bus shuttle service available during the conference.

In order to make your reservation (for at least 3 nights 13th-16th May 2019) at the special conference rate you will need a registration code (provided with registration confirmation) and credit card number (onsite self-pay). So please make sure to register for the conference before booking the hotel accommodation.


Hotel Leopold (***)
Leopoldstrasse 119
D-80804 München
Fon: +49 89 367061
Fax: +49 89 360430

To access the room contingent at Hotel Leopold please use this form.


Star Inn Hotel München Schwabing (***)
Weimarer Straße 4
D-80807 München
Fon: +49 89 356 571 0
Fax: +49 89 356 571 505

To access the room contingent at Star Inn Hotel München Schwabing please use this form.


Star Inn Hotel München Nord (***)
Rathausplatz 8
D-85716 Unterschleißheim
Fon: +49 89 317 857 0
Fax: +49 89 317 857 199

For Star Inn Hotel München Nord no special form is need. Just use the Code "ConRad2019" during the booking process.

       Motel One München-Garching
       Daimlerstraße 5a
       D-85748 Garching
       Fon: +49 89 360 3525-0
       Fax: +49 89 3603525-10

      To access the room contingent at Motel One München-Garching please use this form.