Privacy policy

Collection and use of personal data in connection with DPPD 2019

1. Purpose of data collection

The personal data collected at this website is collected and used exclusively for the purpose of organizing the DPPD 2019 conference in Dresden, Germany. The persons responsible for the collection and use of this data are Prof. Daniel Leising and Prof. Alexander Strobel, Faculty of Psychology, Technische Universität Dresden, 01062 Dresden. 

2. Data processing

At the direction of the above-named individuals, and as part of a contract in accordance with Article 28 DSGVO, this data is processed exclusively for the above-named purpose by Lombego Systems GmbH, Kaufstr. 2-4, 99423 Weimar, Germany. The data protection officer at Lombego Systems GmbH is Mr. Ißleib, who may be contacted using the aforementioned address, or by e-mail:

3. Voluntariness of data provision

The provision of personal data is voluntary. Consent to providing personal data may be denied or withdrawn at any time, without specifying the reasons for doing so. In this case, participating in the conference is not, or no longer, possible. As long as no legal grounds prohibit it, your data will be deleted in such a case.  

4. Transfer and publication of data

As long as it is not legally required, or you have explicitly agreed to it, none of your personal data will be transferred to any third parties. If you are an author of a scientific contribution (paper, poster, symposium), the title of that contribution, its abstract, and your first and last name will be published on the conference website. Beyond that, no personal information about participants will be published.


5. Duration of data preservation

Your data – with the exception of the above-named published data – will be deleted when the conference is over, except where preserving data is legally required, such as the required ten-year preservation of data related to the proper processing of participation fees. 

6. Rights, especially right of access

It is established that you may at any time request information about your personal data and the possible recipients of that data, and that a response has to be given within one month. The request for information has to be directed to the person responsible. Beyond that, you have a right to have your data corrected, and to restrict the ways in which your data is processed. These rights also have to be asserted against the person responsible.

7. Data protection officer and controlling authority for data protection 

You also have a right to file a complaint to the controlling authority when you are convinced that your personal data is not processed in accordance with the law. The data protection officer at Technische Universität Dresden is Mr. Matthias Herber (01062 Dresden, e-mail:, phone: +49 (0)351 463 32839). The controlling authority for the federal state of Saxony is the state’s data protection officer Mr. Andreas Schurig (Devrientstr.1, 01067 Dresden, e-mail:, phone: +49 (0)351 493 5401).