Programme of Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2019

Embedded Software Engineering Kongress
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Prof. Markus Levy
Markus Levy is the Senior Advisor of Business Development and Market Strategy at Au-Zone Technologies. Prior he was Director of Machine Learning Technologies at NXP for 2017-2020. From 1997-2017, Markus was president and founder of EEMBC. Until 2019, Mr. Levy was also president of the Multicore Association, which he co-founded in 2005. Mr. Levy began his career at Intel Corporation, both as a senior applications engineer and customer training specialist for Intel's microprocessor and flash memory products.
Au-Zone Technologies United States
  • Vortrag Deploying Machine Learning on the Edge (English) Speaker Implementing machine learning on MCUs and Linux-based platforms
    Datum: 02.12.2019 , Zeit: 13:30 | Thema: Machine Learning