Welcome to the ESRI event website!

The European Summer Research Institute (ESRI) is an event initiated by Mind & Life Europe bringing together around 120 scientists and practitioners in a unique retreat setting.

This year's ESRI will be held from August 16th-20th, 2021. ESRI 2021 will take place in an online format, but we are also considering facilitating this edition as a hybrid event, provided that the Covid-19 measures allow it. This would be a combined form of online and local in-person events in which small, self-organized communities get together in their own countries.

The main goal of our ESRI is to promote, connect and build the community of contemplative science in Europe with a focus on young researchers. The program features active contemplative practice (especially from the Buddhist traditions), interdisciplinary scholarly presentations and dialogue, networking opportunities as well as inquiry through and learning from first-person experience. Scientists, educators, professionals and researchers working in this field can assemble as a community. To share ideas, experiences, and knowledge from their lives and work, to collaborate to advance the training of a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars and researchers.

Theme 'Care for life: Enacting knowledge in an interdependent and uncertain world'

The thematic arc of the three editions in 2020-2022 is dedicated to the theme of “Knowledge”. Last year’s ESRI concerned perception and uncertainty. This year’s ESRI follows up on that by considering the question of how knowledge gets transformed into action in the world. We will apply these insights to the big issues of current time, such as the climate crisis but also pervasive feelings of disconnection faced by many. For the complete information on the theme please follow this link.

Joining ESRI

The ESRI 2021 provides a summer school/retreat environment where (young) scientists, educators, professionals and researchers working in the field of contemplative science can assemble as a community to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge from their lives and work. With its unique format, it aims to deepen the understanding of different approaches to studying and practising contemplation and to foster cross-fertilisation between these. The ESRI emphasizes cross-disciplinary dialogue to advance the training of a new generation of scholars and researchers.

So if you are an academic or practitioner of neuroscience, clinical and social sciences and humanities with an interest in contemplative practice, or a contemplative scholars and practitioners with an interest in neuroscience, clinical science or social science, we invite you to participate in interdisciplinary dialogue.

Attendees of the ESRI are eligible to apply for the Francisco J. Varela Awards for Contemplative research. Click here for more information about the European Varela Awards (EVAs). The application period of the EVA 2021 cycle starts this fall and will be announced via our MLE website, newsletter and social media at time.

For any questions, please email us: esri@mindandlife-europe.org