“Perspectives in Bioenergetics” is a meeting organized by the study group Bioenergetics of the German Biochemical Society (Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie, GBM, GBM-online). It will take place from 08th to 10th of September 2021 as an online conference. The meeting follows in the well established tradition of German-British meetings on bioenergetics and participation of colleagues from the UK is especially encouraged. 

The meeting will highlight advances in understanding energy conversion in mitochondria, chloroplasts and microbes, and on the development of medical and technical applications. Sessions will focus on molecular, cellular and applied aspects of bioenergetics ranging from structural biology to pathophysiology and biohybrid approaches. The rapidly developing progress in structure determination of diverse energy converting enzyme complexes and in unravelling their molecular function, assembly, regulation and evolution will be an integral element of the program.

A major goal of this meeting is to offer the opportunity for discussions between experienced and young scientists to explore options for new collaborations and to identify future directions of research in bioenergetics.


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Each participant can show one poster. Please submit an abstract via your account no later than August, 15th (deadline). The organisers will select some short presentations from the submitted abstracts. The deadline for upload of your poster is the first of September.


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