General Terms and Conditions for the 2nd International Symposium on Plastics Technology 2022

In the first step, you can submit an abstract or a suggestion for a poster. In case of acceptance, a second submission of the corresponding full-paper is permitted, but not mandatory. The Scientific Committee reserves the right, in the event that your abstract is rejected, to offer the opportunity to show a poster in the poster session.

The Conference Proceedings will be published online through AIP Publishing. By submission, the author grants the organizer publication rights for the abstract in a dedicated app for conference participants. For the full-paper submission, the author is obliged to use the provided templates and to cede all publication rights to AIP Publishing. Additionally the authors guarantee to follow AIP's ethical standards.
Authors need to submit written permissions from publishers of material to be reproduced if it has already been published elsewhere. Additionally, a photo release is required for any candid photo of an individual or group, with the exception of posed group photos taken during a conference.
The submitter acknowledges that a submission of either abstract or full-paper after communicated respective deadlines may lead to the submission not being considered for evaluation and possible later publishing.

Should the submitted abstract be accepted, the author is obliged to present the abstract in form of a poster or presentation at the "2nd International Symposium on Plastics Technology 2022". If prevented from attending, a replacement speaker must be nominated. The admission to the conference as speaker will only be granted if the abstract has been submitted on time and accepted, and if the attendance fee has been received.